Thursday, September 1, 2011

Prepping for the Journey

We had so much prepping to do for our day of departure. How do you organize your life for a month? Ziplock bags. My entire life is packed away in tiny individual plastic universes. It's really quite amazing. Aside from personal items, I had to properly secure my shiny new camera. So the Martha inside of me decided to whip up my own camera bag. I'll be selling these for a bagillion dollars if anyone wants one!

We also decided that it would be cheaper to check Katherine as luggage since it turns out she fits in her backpack transporter bag!

After breezing through security without being physically violated nor arrested for violating the more liquids than fit in a plastic quart bag rule, we decided a drink before the flight was the best preparation. Plus our chicken fingers and fries were another necessary item since the more pounds you have while in London, the better!

See you on our travels!

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