Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Back in Paris

September 27, 2011

Kat and I got lucky and even though we were in a six 'bed' compartment on the overnight train to Paris, we were the only ones in the room. We actually slept pretty well and our train attendant even busted in the room in the morning with cookies and Nesquik. She definitely thought that we were 12.

After spending hours at a cafe pondering why in the world hotel prices have spiked so high since the last time we were in Paris, we settled on the Le Montclair Hostel. The hostel was a part of a 'hip hop hostel' chain and is located in what they call the hip Montmartre area. If you ever get the chance to stay there, don't. Check in wasn't until 3:00 p.m. so we ditched our packs in the baggage room and decided to try the Fat Tire Bike Tour. We took the metro to the Eiffel Tour where we met up with our tour group. After going to their shop and picking our bikes, we were on our way. The tour was fabulous and fun and we saw a lot of the main sites in Paris. Our tour guide, Matt, was full of a lot of interesting information and only almost killed a few of the group off in about 4 traffic incidents. Please be kind when viewing these photos. We haven't showered for a few days.

Following the survival of our bike tour, we checked into our dorm room in the hostel. Again, we lucked out and had the room to ourselves. We quickly showered days of dirt off and headed out in search of food. We found a great restaurant up the street where the menu was only written on a chalkboard in French. Win. Kat had the most wonderful meal of her life, a superb lamb dish, while I was served 3 scallops (not an exaggeration). We retired to our paradise of filth for the evening. Yippeee!

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