Saturday, September 24, 2011

Travel to Munich

September 24, 2011

Today was our travel day to Munich for Oktoberfest. Initially, I was infuriated that we would have to waste our precious daylight hours traveling but once the train started rolling through the countryside, I quickly changed my mind. The landscape was so beautiful it literally produced oohs and ahhs from the passengers. The mountains were humongous and there were vineyards appearing on both sides of the tracks. The water was also a remarkable blue, not clear like Croatia, but a light, milky blue. I wished we had time to explore the countryside but I will settle for a gorgeous train ride and some awesome photos for now.

Once we arrived in Munich, an hour late because the train was delayed, my wonderful boyfriend, Steve, was waiting on the platform with a rose. This high roller decided to come to Germany for the weekend to go to Oktoberfest with us. I was ridiculously happy to see him and he had figured out the train system and took us to our hotel where he already had us checked in. Gotta love a man that gets stuff done!

He took us to a fantastic Greek dinner, ironic, I know. We could not find the Bavarian restaurant the hotel recommended. The food was so delicious and I think we ordered practically half of the menu. After a long day of travel and with full bellies, we passed out dreaming about what Oktoberfest had in store for us the next day.


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