Sunday, August 28, 2011

Tornados, Earthquakes, Hurricanes, oh my!

These past few days have just been crazy, to say the least! In the midst of getting ready for my awesome trip, I experienced an earthquake and a hurricane in a matter of a week! I experienced the tremors of the Virginia based earthquake on the 55th floor of my office building in Manhattan...needless to say I was absolutely scared out of my mind! It felt like I was on a moon bounce. Being on the 55th floor of any skyscraper is unnerving in any situation, but being on the 55th floor of a notoriously unstable skyscraper, that is literally build on stilts, was unbearable (more info here) I got out of the building as fast as possible and my office migrated to a bar for the rest of the day. :-)

My office, 601 Lexington Avenue

Then, after the earthquake, Hurricane Irene decided to make her appearance. After they decided to evacuate parts of Manhattan, I decided to weather the storm in Greenwich, CT with Steve. I later discovered that Greenwich would be right in the eye of the storm...just my luck! Surrounded by huge trees, I quickly regretted not staying in my concrete Brooklyn shelter. After a night of the craziest winds I have EVER experienced, I was thanking God that all of the huge trees were still standing. See below for some pictures of what the storm did to Greenwich:

Where we experienced Irene

All of this drama reminded me of the Brooklyn tornado September 16, 2010.... There were trees down all over our neighborhood and the skylight was ripped off of our Park Slope apartment building. It leaves me thinking - what next? Maybe we'll experience a dust storm -or if we're really lucky, Mt. Vesuvius will erupt while we're in Italy! Ugh stormy days, stay away please!!

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