Thursday, September 15, 2011

Happiness on the Road

September 15, 2011

After a fabulous two days spent in Mukinje, Croatia by the Plitvice National Park, we are back on the road again. This bus ride has been absolutely incredible as we travel from Mukinje to Split. The landscape is so varied and it quickly changed from evergreens and to an almost desert-like setting. I feel an overwhelming sense of joy being able to see a place that feels so foreign and beautiful. 15 days into our trip I feel like I am in constant awe of all of the new things I am seeing. The days feel so much longer and my life feels so much fuller. We have met so many wonderful people and I am just so happy to be having this experience. It is so hard to ever imagine my life being the same. As we visit different places I realize that there is so much more that I have to learn about this world and I actually want to!

I wake up every morning full of excitement about what each new day's adventure will bring. There is not one place that I regret visiting, nor one place that I do not want to go. Ok, except for Zagreb. Even the bad experiences provide for great stories and important lessons learned.

Backpacking has been such a rewarding way to travel and through it's simplicity and ease of movement, has provided the best apparatus for adventure. Each day leads us into unplanned experiences that have proved to be priceless. It teaches frugality in travel and shows you that you do not actually need all that baggage you have in your life (literally). Backpacking is about connecting. Connecting with the places you go, connecting with the people you meet, and most importantly, connecting with yourself. I accept that I will never be the same or look at things the same way and I appreciate that. Heck, maybe I'll even take a few photos for the NYC tourists when I'm home.


  1. I'm am so glad that you decided to step out on a limb and do this. So many people would not have the courage or the tenacity. Really proud of you as your view of the world will truly never be the same. I am so glad this has been a rewarding and fulfilling experience for you! Great shots and great blogging! Love you Babe

  2. Sounds phenomenal! Getting to live each day as a new adventure...that's what life is meant to be! Isn't nature beautiful? God's the most amazing creator.

    praying for you ladies! keep the blogs coming!