Thursday, September 1, 2011

I see London!

September 1, 2011

After 7 hours of contorting our bodies into unacceptable sleeping positions, we arrived in London. We were immediately sent down long corridors leading to one destination only. Customs. We began to wonder if we would ever find Natalie and after waiting a half hour (get it together London!) we spotted Natalie walking by! After another half hour of waiting, Nat and Kat were chastised by their agent who was extremely concerned due to their "very poor planning" since no hotel accommodations had been booked for the night. He just didn't understand the meaning of "go with the flow." We quickly escaped to the tourist information desk where we were hooked up with a 4 star hotel!

We boarded the Underground, which is the nicest subway system I have ever seen, proving that New Yorkers truly are animals. Once we emerged from Victoria Station in London, we walked around, completely lost, having to jump out of the way of taxis, since we could not process that they were driving on the other side of the road. Our hotel proved to be pretty amazing...

Since the time change had us all sorts of messed up, we treated ourselves to a large English breakfast (who knew eggs and baked beans went together?) and a two hour power nap.

We then boarded the big red tourist bus and saw the sights of London. It ended up being surprisingly cold but I think it was worth it for some of the shots we got.

After our tour, we ventured out in search of fish and chips. We ate at Sea Fresh, which was a few blocks from our hotel and recommended by our concierge. We didn't want one of those lame tourist traps and since I heard a lot of British accents, I have to trust it was authentic.

It tasted ok...the fish was mild and the chips were lightly fried. The peas were your run of the mill peas. Overall, the meal was pretty bland but we're glad to say we tried it. Next we checked out a pub that was playing the late and great Amy Winehouse. We got kicked out of the pub around 11:15, which is as lame as the fish and chips. I guess it was the jet lag and the crappy food but London was a very chilly and blah place.


  1. hi janelle!! im so happy to see your having fun!!! minus the sucky food.. haha. just wanted to let you know im thinking of you.. love you lots!!! have tons of fun!!! <3 deonna

  2. Now you know why there are no English restaurants in the States. Just the pubs. :-)

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