Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Best Day of My Life

September 8, 2011

This Thursday was like no other Thursday. It was the day I had been waiting for since I first found out that this place existed. We were finally traveling to Apenheul Primate Park in Apeldoorn, Netherlands! This primate park is like none other because the primates actually roam free! The park's advertisement mentions that you are most likely to be pick pocketed at the park than anywhere else because the primates are extremely curious. They give you a locker for valuables and a free monkey proof bag to use while in the park. Although you are not supposed to keep any food on you, I put some grapes in my pocket to ensure some primate interaction.

This park was magical and we were able to see so many species of primates. I was so extremely happy, except for the pouring rain. I shouted out to the monkey gods to please stop the rain so that I could steal a monkey and thank goodness it did stop for about an hour! The monkeys emerged from their hiding places and it was awesome to see how they interacted with one another and ventured around their spacious living quarters. We were also really lucky to see a ton of baby primates. They were all ridiculously cute and I managed to take a ridiculous amount of photos.

Then, while walking on the raised boardwalk they created through the trees, the moment of all moments occurred. A tiny squirrel monkey reached out and touched me!!! I was so happy and tried to convince him to climb up my shoulder. I was going to give him the grapes but I noticed he was eating an apple and the grape may have been bigger than his head. I really tried to convince him that he wanted to be a traveling monkey but he decided that life on the road was not for him. He really enjoyed pickpocketing visitors at the park. We went our separate ways, but I will never forget that magical moment.

I was so impressed with how gorgeous the park was and how much space the primates had to roam. Most could actually just wander right over to you if they wanted. Of course, some of the primates were in an enclosed area for our safety, ie. gorillas and orangutans, but I did get a kiss from an orangutan through the glass window. It was awesome! I was in seventh heaven at this park and was extremely sad to leave. I tried to convince Kat and Nat to go on without me and that I wanted to live out my days amongst the primates but they refused. I'm going to be looking for a roommate in the Netherlands if anyone is interested.


  1. So I'm reading your blog instead of sleeping for work tomorrow. Oops! I miss you and find a reason to text you almost everyday (Baltimore radio LOVES Britney - maybe more than you?) then I realize that you're far far away. It looks like you're having an amazing time and I can't wait to hear all about it! I have a weekend free for Brooklyn! I miss you and love you! Stay safe.


  2. Also, if you move there I'll die.

    When you need monkeys I'll take you to the Baltimore Zoo.

  3. Lol miss you Beth! Don't you want to move with me?? Can't wait to see you when I'm home. P.s. Britney posters everywhere here. Apparently she has concerts coming up in Budapest and Zagreb...who knew?!

  4. So jealous!! I looooove the little monkeys! So cute.