Friday, August 12, 2011

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. - Helen Keller

I'm will be leaving for London in 19 days, which will be the start of a month long backpacking journey throughout Europe.  I find myself bouncing between being completely elated and completely horrified.  It seems that my to-do list is quickly growing as the days to departure dwindle down and my anxiety is steadily increasing... Did I buy the right backpack? Which camera should I buy?  Do I have the right apps on my iPad to survive navigating Europe?  How much will I have to do when I return to work??  Will the hostels turn out to be like the movie...?  eeeek!  I try to catch myself in these hesitant moments, take a deep breath and remind myself that in only 19 days I will be embarking on the trip of a lifetime. 

Everything leading up to this point has been centered around taking chances and risking it all to pursue the trip of our dreams.  My roommate, Katherine, and I had been tossing around the idea of escaping to Europe and when her sister, Natalie, expressed interest in joining, we knew it was something we had to to.  We took huge risks and booked our flights even before figuring out if this trip was practical.  Sometimes when life hands you an idea, you just have to run with it and make it happen.  I know one thing is for certain... this will surely be the start of one daring adventure. 

I will be posting photos and movies throughout our trip and I hope that you will follow us for the ride.  Heck, why not be as reckless as us, book a flight and just come meet us... come on... you know you want to!


  1. If your Nanny was still with us she'd be cheering you on! You are so much like her! (It's kind of scary! ) At least l know there will be an angel watching over you! May your journey be totally amazing! BUT...please don't decide to move to Europe...NYC is far enough......! Love you forever! Mom

  2. I wouldn't want to be experiencing this with anyone else. Life-changing experiences ahead!